New Boston Consulting is the research and strategy arm of New Boston Creative Group. Focused on special projects, New Boston Consulting carries out independent, larger-scale research work.

Current Projects

The Post-Boomer Chamber: Attracting Gen X and Millennial Leaders

In 2017, Principal Kristin Brighton conducted a national research study to examine why business professionals of different ages and genders volunteer outside their businesses, serve as community leaders, and join their local chambers of commerce — or don't. The study's aim was to find new strategies for the chamber industry to better engage young professionals and evolve to stay vital once the Baby Boomers retire.


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The Post-Boomer Chamber: Attracting Gen X and Millennial Leaders shares new research on volunteering, leadership and perceptions of chambers of commerce analyzed by age, gender, race and more.

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New Boston is considering several possible follow-up projects to this study. If your chamber would like to be involved in our future research, please fill out the form below. By joining this list, you will receive information about our chamber-related research projects and be notified when the book, The Post-Boomer Chamber: Attracting Gen X and Millennial Leaders, is released.

About Kristin Brighton

Kristin Brighton is one of the principals and founders of New Boston Creative Group, LLC, an integrated marketing communications firm based in Manhattan, Kansas.

As a consultant, she partners with businesses and nonprofits to build or revamp their brands using a complete spectrum of tools, from video production to digital marketing. She believes clients need to fully understand their audience for best results, and often conducts market research studies for clients to help identify the best messages and tactics to achieve their goals.

Kristin is the past chair of the board for the Manhattan Area Chamber of Commerce, and has been a leader in her local business community since joining her chamber's board of directors in 2009. In 2017, she conducted a national research study exploring how chambers need to evolve to better meet the needs of today's workforce.

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